Breakfast Santana

The unique tend to have it harder than everyone else as they set the trends, raise the standards and break the molds. This holds true for Breakfast Santana as well. Born Mischeala Matthews, Breakfast Santana is more than the average MC. She’s the first of her kind, and that’s something she takes in stride.

The Tacoma, Washington native is as adept with a pen as she is with a mic, and her ability to connect with fans is one to definitely highlight as last year’s “Baggage”, produced by Khaji Beats, skyrocketed through social media well past one million combined streams—all with no paid promotion.

Going back a bit, the ability to mesh with people of diverse backgrounds was something she’s always excelled in; the first time being a house party she attended, where she joined in a freestyle that immediately drew the attention of the people around her. She quickly realized that here, she fit, and this community accepted her for who she was without reservation.

It wasn’t long before she became addicted to creating, and soon she began writing song after song. It became more than a hobby and passion, it became a way to vent frustrations and speak candidly about life.

What makes Breakfast Santana’s music so intriguing is her sense of reality: not the typically overblown concepts of ‘real’, but the kind of reality that every person, regardless of station in life, understands. Love conversations, hurt, pain, success, and failure are all topics she touches on.

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